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By Kris Fernandez

    Going years back, long before Wetherole TV officially came to be, Dre and myself (Kris), would take a video camera with us everywhere we went. We filmed just about everything, from random incidents to various skits that we came up with, to a short film…just for us to watch and for our friends and families to enjoy. A few years later, Dre moved from New York to Florida, but we would still visit each other often and continue with our recordings.

    One day, I was at my boy Danny (the Cubano's) house when he gave me a CD that he had. I went home and I started listening to it. I heard this one song by Aventura called Mi Hermanita and though it's a sad song, something about the way it was sung, the beat, and all, it made me laugh. So a few days later, I was hanging out with Dre and at the time we had this ongoing thing where we would try to catch each other on video in the car, or at the house, or wherever, lipsynching to the song “Superfreak”. We had ridiculous amounts of video footage of that. Then this one day as we were hanging out at my house, I was playing the songs on Danny's CD and when the Aventura song came on, I pointed it out to Dre and we just started laughing and said that we should make that the new lipsynching song. We shot a scene of us lipsynching to it, and we were cracking up about it. Right then and there, the thought struck me that it would be kind of cool to try and shoot us lipsynching it a few times in different areas of my room. So we spent a couple of hours doing that and when it was all said and done, we decided it would be kind of cool to edit it and try to make a little music video out of it. At that time, I hadn't edited something like this before, so it would be pretty interesting to see the result...

    On December 16th, 2005, the video was edited and thrown onto youtube. It started with a comment, and then another one and another one, and soon enough the video had over 300,000 views. I couldn't believe it. Dre and I began getting constant messages, comments, and friend requests on myspace from people from all over the world who liked the video. We couldn't believe that a little thing that we pieced together for our own enjoyment was really so enjoyable to so many people. People would tell us that the video made their day, that it brightened their mood, and all these other positive things...and from that day on, we realized not only how much fun it was shooting and working on the videos for us , but that if others had fun watching it, then why not keep it going. So that's what we did.

    We went right ahead and began working on our second video "Stay Fly", a parody on the Three Six Mafia song. It was me, Dre, Sean, Danny, Duane, Debbie, Manny, and John. Then we threw that one up online and bam, a couple hundred thousand hits as well. At that point, the crew grew larger and larger and we were banging out videos one after the other. In no time, our youtube account had over 1 million views and it just kept on going. Our main site www.WetheroleTV.com started emerging as well, getting over 1 thousand hits a day on average(eventually reaching about 5,000 a day, sometimes more striking almost 20,000 in one day, or downward to about 1,000. Pretty good number regardless). After a little while, me and a handful of other Wetherole TV members started getting recognized here and there by random people who watched our videos. I remember one of the first times it happened, I was really thrown off by it. I was at the San Gennaro Feast with some friends, and a woman came over to me saying "aren't you the guy from the Aventura video?" and I cracked up; I was shocked. I said "yea that's me", and she went on to say "me and my family watch your videos all the time in the Dominican Republic". WHAT!!! I was amazed that someone from so far away was watching our videos. We gained fans and viewers in so many countries - Spain, Germany, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Colombia, Israel, Canada, Panama, Mexico etc. and we even got the attention of ABC World News and The Colbert Report, as well as various music artists from our videos.

    After a while, it became more than just doing videos, it became a passion. I decided to take up TV/Film as my major in college. As video shoots got crazier, longer, more complex, more people, crazier weather, and crazier scenarios, it took me one video shoot in Virginia, to really realize the kind of effort and dedication that needed to be put into Wetherole, if I really want it to go far. Sean and I went down to Virginia to meet up with some of the Wetherole Clique down there to shoot a video for a song we chose. It resulted in two straight weekends in VA without sleep, food, heat, or any form of relaxation. Going to the middle of nowhere to find locations, having people back out during the video shoot, almost getting set on fire, thrown off property, chased down by security, and a handful of crazy altercations. It was hectic and crazy as it could possibly be, but it was fun in it's own crazy way, and once the video was finally complete, the satisfaction of having it done and being happy with the result was definitely worth it.

    But as Wetherole TV grew, and as Wetherole's supporters grew, so did the issues and the conflicts including having our youtube account suspended and us having to start fresh, re-gaining viewers and having to work back up to the millions of views again. Of course, with any type of success comes hate...negativity...people who will try to knock your confidence and take you off your pedestal. However, I began to realize that in order to achieve success, you will have to take the hate and the conflicts along with the love and support...and we are thankful that there has been so much support!!!

    Sure there has been some turmoil and conflict, but We as Wetherole have come a long way from where we began. But we still have a lot more to achieve. We started by shooting videos on a handycam to shooting videos on a professional HD camera. We started with two members and branched out to dozens. We started with simple videos to much more complex ones, a short film and even our own music...AND now we have not only Wetherole TV, but Wetherole TV Productions! I'm very happy with the success we have so far achieved, but there is still a lot of potential for Wetherole!!!

    And none of this would be possible without all of you that have been a part of Wetherole in any way, being in the videos, helping with the shoots, watching the videos etc. Special thanks to my family and friends for being a part of all of this!!! And to all the Wetherole fans and supporters throughout the world, thanks for watching! We really do appreciate it…and keep watching, we won't disappoint you. Feel free to email or write us, we'd love to hear from you, and feel free to add our facebook/myspace pages as well.

    As Dre once said "Keep your dubs up and your eyes open...WETHEROLE!!!".

    ---Kris "The Super Producer" Fernandez.

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